Thursday, 26 January 2012

Jumping Forward

Images mine. Collage - Kate Moss by Corinne Day. Lookbook images from Maurie & Eve.

People are so damn impatient
As soon as you pop on an engagement ring, people need to know when you're getting married. Fresh off the plane from your honeymoon, the breeding question is put forward. Before you've even got around to snipping the umbilical cord, they ask you when you're having the next.
Fashion is very much like this.
Just as there's a glimmer of hope that we may finally see the back of the cold-front (it's been a pretty mild winter but for the sake of my point...) and stepping out in bare legs becomes an almost rational thought (almost, I said, ALMOST) I'm told I must take note of all pre-fall collections that showed earlier this month and start to look forward to the next season of frozen misery. Say what? Don't get me wrong,I like an oatmeal cable-knit as much as the next, but the likeliness of you persuading me to gladly anticipate months of gloom & goosebumps is as likely as you getting me in ballet flats. Rare.
But like a sheep, I follow. 
Taking queues from Australian brand Maurie & Eve's Winter collection which pared some lovely polo-necked jumpers and lighter knits with slouchy mint green trousers (winter obviously doesn't hit too hard down under), I hunted down a couple of the best alternatives on the high-street, because I'm good like that.
I went into Marks & Spencer's for sushi and came out with a jumper. Typical.
 Chunky, stripey and oversized (or maybe that's just cos I got it two sizes too big) it's a nifty find  for quite a reasonable price of 35 sushi packs but I'm having second thoughts due to the fact I think I look a bit Where's Wally. Nobody wants that.
Another find in another surprising location, New Look. I was lured into the store by a yellow version of it horrendously styled on a window mannequin. Then found it in red. Didn't buy either because I'd filled my jumper quota for the day and am trying to put money towards paying my rent and you know, eating.
Jeez, I'm so sensible these days.


  1. great writing! love the stripey jumper :) but then again i love waldo :)

  2. Great analogy! I really do love jumpers, but it rarely gets cold enough where I live to wear them :(

  3. Kate! Greetings from down under ♥
    I love sushi and where's wally - the weather has been ridiculous in Australia.
    It's summer break and i've enjoyed what? All 3/60 sunny days of it. Might be worth my while to start winter shopping.

    XX I'm following you

  4. love reading you! great introduction for jumpers

  5. You are so right. The fashion world is exactly like an engagement-marriage-honeymoon-baby.