Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Devil, you know.

The other day when I was at my parents house snooping around for my birthday present I started delving through my dad's book collection. Once I'd finished scanning through 'What to do when sh** goes down', 'Death Clutch' & 'The Grappler's Handbook' (those well-known literature classics) I came across this William Baker book all about Australian gal Kylie at the bottom of the bunch. Slightly alarming that my dad stashes books about pint-sized pop stars under his desk but whatever. 
Nice suprise though. The book is really stunning. I was half-expecting cheesy images from the 90's full of sequins, glitter and Kylie's hot-pant clad backside (which is in no way a bad thing) but I was pleasantly surprised at just how sophisticated it was. 
Scribbles, lyrics and notes about each shoot are scrawled across grainy B&W images, and there are lots of contact sheets throughout (I'm a sucker for a contact sheet.) 
It's dirt cheap on amazon, I reccomend it even if you have to watch her music videos on mute like me.

Oh man, I really want an ass like hers, too.


  1. It does look good, and yes, jealous of her booty!
    r.a.j.e. X

  2. very cool photos in this post, and on your blog in general. i love them all, they're so inspiring.
    following you on bloglovin now to keep up!

  3. love it!!!