Monday, 23 January 2012


My Bowery.
Whenever someone asks about the blog name:

"Well there's a species of bird called the Bowerbird who obsessively hoardes and collects a load of crap and shiny things over long periods of time. They build up piles in their nest and clutter their home in order to attract male birds"

"Yeah that sounds like you"

1. The Selby book. Of course
2. I hang my clothes on hooks from the ceiling a lot. Why hide them away in a wardrobe?
3. Horoscope books & an arty safe. That is no longer a secret safe. Damn.
4. A few books, empty bottles & arguably the tackiest candles ever made.
5. Union jack pillows
6. Posters I collected while in Montmatre. And some meditation balls. We'll get to that later.
7. Antlers are a weird obsession of mine seeing as I'm vegetarian
. Won't eat the animals, but happily hang their carcases around the place.
8. Crystals. I'm into all that shit.
9. A really lovely painting my friend did a while back
10. Half a wine glass full of rings. Crystals. Wine bottles I lugged back from France because of the 'pretty labels.' Customs were not impressed.
11. Moodboards & a wolf-head dream catcher picked up from Portugal that I always try and talk to when I've had too much to drink.
12. Just a few of the kids.
13a&b. Obsession of my life.


  1. it's so lovely! I too have an amethyst crystal and keep my rings in a glass cup :)

  2. i love the haphazard look of all the jewels in these photos. it feels like such a creative and warm place - i think you can tell a lot about someone by their collection of "clutter" and your space seems like it welcomes you home, encourages you to strew about your goods and let you unwind!



  3. Your room is like a treasure trove, I love it! Really digging the way you store your jewellery.